Philip van de Mortel advises firms on the ease and affordability of in-store tech solutions

Intel: ‘The Internet of Things is changing the retail landscape’

Intel has encouraged retailers and resellers to embrace in-store retail technology, as consumer expectations rise and prices fall.

Speaking on ‘The future of in-store technology’ at PCR Boot Camp 2014, Philip van de Mortel of Intel Embedded said: "Customers and consumers are becoming more tech savvy – they have raised expectations."

Van de Mortel highlighted the changing form of consumer engagements as driven by connected devices and big data.

"The Internet of Things is changing the landscape around the store – digital signage, tablets, kiosks are becoming commonplace," he explained.

"The aggregation of data and use of data as currency is growing as the cost of computing comes down," he added, encouraging outlets to utilise data collection and retail technology to boost consumer engagement.

"Technology can drive user experience and drive people through your store," he said, citing the use of a connected shoe wall in an Adidas store to drive a 500 per cent boost in sales.

Van de Mortel also praised the increasing ease and affordability with which in-store technology can be implemented by smaller firms to solve day to day problems such as inventory management.

"You can create retail technology by combining standard PC components with embedded software packaged to provide a customer experience," he said, reiterating that "the technology is available today to innovate".

"The long-haul opportunity [for retailers] to innovate is significant," he concluded.

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