Our anonymous columnist rants about customer complaints

Counter Insurgent: Is the customer always right?

Our anonymous Counter Insurgent talks about having their IT knowledge dismissed by complaining customers who claim to know ‘a friend who works with computers’.

“The customer is always right.”

This proverb is proclaimed by unhappy customers when they know they have been shown that they are, in fact, not always right.

However, in the event of a complaint, is it good business to always treat all customer complaints (no matter how ridiculous) seriously? And will this make them not feel cheated or deceived in any way? Will it help make sure they return to your store?

My answer is a categorical “yes”. Although the customer may not know it, they are receiving exactly the same level of service as a happy customer does.

Regardless of how much they shout, point, belittle, threaten, demand, accuse, show off and say “it wasn’t like that when I brought it in”, we have heard it all before, right?

The fact remains that we are expected to know the ins and outs of our chosen career – just like a baker knows how to bake bread – yet despite this many of us are told we are wrong by someone who has “a friend who works with computers”.

So with more IT technicians in the country than dishonest politicians, how is it that they are all always right and we – the IT retailers – are always wrong, and yet somehow still manage to remain in business despite being wrong all the time?

We let the customer think they are always right because it is our job to do so. Our job is to know how to bake our bread and do it well. When we do show them to be wrong or dishonest, we can all have a good laugh at their expense.

Put simply, working with the public is immensely rewarding – whatever your career.

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