Vendor edition of Titan Z $1,000 more than standard card

Zotac Nvidia Titan Z graphics card listed for £2,400

A version of the Nvidia Titan Z graphics card from vendor Zotac has been listed for sale – for $4,000 (£2,377).

Appearing on from retailer Sabre PC, the Zotac ZT-70901-10P GeForce GTX Titan Z features 12GB of GDDR5 video memory, a clock frequency of up to 876MHz when using GPU boost and support for up to four displays.

However, Zotac’s own site doesn’t list the card as currently available, prompting the question as to whether the listing was posted early by accident – or is incorrectly labelled.

The original Titan Z, described by Nvidia as ‘perfect’ and ‘insane’, was announced in March for $3,000 – $1,000 less than the Zotac card.

The Zotac Titan Z is currently available for purchase through Sabre PC’s Amazon store, with delivery within two to three days.

Several reviews on the Amazon listing for the card mock the card’s 375-watt power requirement, with one customer commenting: "I got mine last week, and it’s fabulous – [it] keeps me warm while I play [but] sadly doesn’t cook my eggs all the way."

"[I’m waiting [for a] new DM 884WS-150 PSU to power it," said another. "[I’m] using [it] as [a] coaster for now, but it has two GPUs and I can fit three beer bottles on it."

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