5G network will be able to deliver speeds of over 1Gbps

5G to hit Europe by 2022

UK mobile network operator EE has stated that 5G will be in operation by 2022.

Professor Andy Sutton, principle network architect at EE, said it will take ‘about a decade’ for the next generation of mobile networks to hit Europe.

“Maybe we’ll see some of the Asian operators go a little bit sooner,” said Sutton.

“In Europe, we will probably see these networks ‘come in around 2022, 2023.”

A 5G network will be able to deliver speeds of over 1Gbps, with the business community expected to be the first to benefit.

“While 5G is still at the fundamental research stage, it is designed to complement 4G and LTE Advanced networks,” explained Sutton.

EE predicts that video usage on mobile devices will account for 67 per cent of all mobile traffic by 2018. The network also predicts that 5G will provide support for 4K and 8K streaming by 2030.

In March, EE revealed that it plans to give London the ‘fastest mobile network on the planet’.

The improved network will initially launch in south London, followed by an expansion to cover the entire area within the M25 ring road.

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