Bluetooth-equipped clasp to target premium wristwatch strap market

Modillian ‘smart strap’ turns any watch into a smartwatch

A new ‘smart strap’ is offering watch wearers the chance to turn their standard wristwatch into a tech-equipped timepiece.

The Modillian replaces the strap of a standard mechanical watch, adding a clasp with integrated Bluetooth for pairing with Android smartphones.

The augmented fastening can then inform the wearer of incoming calls, texts, messages and reminders by vibrating.

The creators behind the Modillian, industrial engineer Eran Reuveni and electronics engineer Gilead Kirschenbaum, state that the module will last up to a week on a single charge, and highlight its ease of use, voicing their desire to target the market for premium leather watch straps.

The device is said to be past the design phase and will generate funding for a production run in a crowdfunding campaign set to launch on June 10th.

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