Several hundred units forecasted to sell per month in the UK alone

AOC expects ‘rapid uptake’ of G-Sync monitors

Display specialist AOC expects PC gamers to ‘rapidly’ adopt its upcoming G-Sync monitor, which removes screen tearing and stuttering.

The £359 24-inch monitor, which launches in the UK later this month, is targeting system builders and PC gamers.

"We expect the elite and competition gamers to take this technology rapidly," Paul Butler, AOC’s UK and Ireland regional sales director, told PCR.

"Forecast on sales currently stands at several hundred units per month in the UK alone.

"Everybody who has seen it wants one and FPS gamers have become very excited about it. It’s the next step of improvement to seamless gameplay and gamers cannot wait for the product to hit the shelves."

G-Sync monitors aim to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, especially in games with fast movements and rapid direction changes. Frame synchronising also eliminates input lag and time delays.

Scan Computers already sells a custom ASUS/NVIDIA G-Sync monitor which it says has been selling well.

"G-Sync has been a good seller for Scan," said James Gorbold. "Personally speaking, what I’m waiting for most of all in terms of tech on the horizon is a 4K G-Sync monitor."

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