PCR visits the retailer’s flagship Oxford Street store to find out the secret to successfully selling tech products

VIDEO: John Lewis on the shifting tech market

View our exclusive video interview with tablet and computer buyer Will Jones to find out why John Lewis has been voted the UK’s best retailer for customer service.

We visited the retailer’s flagship Oxford Street store, where Jones boasted that John Lewis offers a number of ways for its customers to shop, including in store and online. And the option to have products home delivered or picked up at a retailer store, Waitrose or Collect Plus locations is a “proposition that is truly market beating.”

He also revealed that the retailer is expanding its technology portfolio and has just launched Toshiba’s first retail 4K laptop: “It’s really blown our expectations. It’s selling four or five times faster than we expected.”

Jones also detailed how the changes in the technology market have had an effect on how John Lewis sells to its customers.

“It’s almost come full circle. When Tablets first came to market it was all about being portable, being something you can carry around with you. Now we’re actually seeing larger tablets that you can leave at home and you only pick up when you’re on the couch,” explains Jones.

“We’re talking less around what we call speeds and feeds and more about what you can do with it. Where we play a very critical role at John Lewis is that you can come in and try out everything and can be shown how things work.”

Watch the full interview below:

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