We caught up with the firm at Gadget Show Live to find out about the 3D printer's interchangeable parts

Robox: The evolving 3D printer that could decorate cakes

PCR chatted to Chris White, Robox’s product design engineer, about the firm’s plans for its crowd funded 3D printer.

How does the Robox 3D printer stand out from others on the market?
The printer has an interchangeable head system, which adds a whole lot of functionality.

We plan to continue to develop heads for the printer so owners never have to upgrade the existing platform.

The interchangeable head system is fairly unique to us. There are others that have a removable head but they’re not for a range of functions. We’re calling the Robox a ‘micro-manufacturing platform’ and we want 3D printing to be the first use of it, but there are a whole lot of extra things you can potentially do with it.

What other functions are you planning?
We have one head that does paste distribution. So instead of plastic, the printer can squirt out icing to decorate cakes.

Another thing we’re looking at after 3D printing is the hobby crafting market. You could have a drag knife head and fix a piece of material to the bed of the Robox and cut out different materials, do folding, scoring etc.

Who is the 3D printer aimed at?
We intend it to be fully targeted towards consumers. The intention is that as content grows in popularity and the 3D printing scene itself gets more press interest that people will start taking them into their homes and producing useful objects.

How much does it cost?
It is £849 at retail and the reels of material are about £25 each. On each reel there’s between 600 and 700 grams of material depending on the plastic. You can probably estimate that you’re using 15-20 grams for each part, so you can get a lot of parts out of one reel. A single-material dual nozzle head costs around £70-80. There are others that are cheaper though. The pen blotter head only cost around £10.

When will the 3D printer be available?
It’s available for pre-order for shipping at the end of spring/beginning of summer this year. We plan to be at retail by the end of June, but at the moment we have to fulfil our Kickstarter orders before we’re allowed to sell at retail.

Do you have a distributor?
We’ve had a lot of interest. We’re currently in talks with distributors from all over the world. We want to work with indies too so we’re looking for a distributor that can take on a lot of the dealings with the smaller retailers.

Find out more at www.cel-robox.com

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