Rajeev Suri appointed as president and CEO as firm renews focus on research and mapping

Nokia device sales drop 30% as Microsoft finalises deal

Nokia has revealed that its device sales were down 30 per cent during Q1 2014, following the sale of its devices arm to Microsoft.

The sale of the company’s devices and services division to Microsoft was finalised on April 25th, with former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop moving across to become EVP of Microsoft’s devices group.

Following his appointment, Elop hinted that Microsoft may focus more heavily on devices such as mobiles and tablets than PC in the future.

Elop also confirmed that the Nokia name wouldn’t be used for long, but added that the ‘Microsoft Mobile’ moniker leaked in legal documents ahead of the sale was only a "legal construct [to] facilitate the merger", and wouldn’t appear on future handsets.

Nokia has since announced that the sales of its devices – including those acquired by Microsoft in the sale – were down by 30 per cent during Q1 2014 compared to the same period during 2013.

Overall, Nokia’s sales were down by 15 per cent, but the company may be set to turn this trend around following its renewed focus on research, data and mapping technologies after the sale of its devices business.

Following Elop’s departure, Rajeev Suri has been appointed as president and CEO of Nokia. Suri previously headed up Nokia’s networks business.

Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia chairman, commented: “With the closing of our transaction with Microsoft, Nokia begins a new era.

“We are confident in our future. Nokia’s vision is to be a leader in technologies which will be important in a world of billions of intelligent connected devices.

“Under the leadership of Rajeev Suri, networks has become an innovation leader, with tremendously improved strategic focus and financial results. I believe Rajeev is the right person to lead Nokia forward.”

"The world of technology is on the verge of a change that we believe will be as profound as the creation of the internet," added Suri.

"With our three strong businesses – networks, [mapping service] HERE and technologies – and position as one of the world’s largest software companies, we are well placed to meet our goal to be a leader in the technologies for a world where everybody and everything is connected."

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