Chip maker says new form factors seeing double-digit growth despite decline of traditional boxes

Intel: ‘Innovation is saving the desktop PC market’

Intel has said that the desktop PC’s rapid innovation means the segment is here to stay, despite reports of desktop decline.

Desktop PC systems are continuing to see strong numbers thanks to the evolution of the sector towards adopting new form factors and a continued focus on enthusiast users, Christian Morales (pictured), Intel VP and EMEA GM, told PCR.

“If you look at the statistics for desktops, desktops are slightly down, but within the desktops sector you have all-in-ones, which are growing double digits, you have enthusiast, which is growing double digits, and you have the new NUC [small form-factor PCs],” Morales said.

Channel sales manager Matthew Birch agreed, saying: “The days of just a standard Midi tower are ending.”

“Consumers at home don’t want a beige 20-litre box or anything like that – they want something different, and they want something that is either nice to look at or conveniently hidden.

"[But] it’s never gone quiet on enthusiast [either] – regardless of what’s going on in the market, our enthusiasts and gamers, they’ve never gone quiet; they’ve always wanted more and more."

Morales added his prediction that the sector may soon experience a technology shift which sees sales rocket, citing Intel’s own success in the notebook segment.

“Step back to 2003; the notebook market was flat to down in the world,” he explained.

“We then introduced Centrino Mobile technology, and saw double digit growth for many, many years. Then we introduced the Ultrabook initiative – thin and light notebooks were about seven per cent, now they are 40 per cent of the market.

“So you’re going to see tremendous innovation in the PC segment – there’s so much going on in the ecosystem, and if there is one segment that is innovating the fastest right now, it is the PC segment.

“On desktops and all-in-ones, you will continue to see incredible innovations. For enthusiasts and NUC, we have loads that we’re going to introduce.

“There’s a lot of innovation going on there."

"We’re seeing great demand at the moment," added Birch.

"During the second half of the year I think we’re going to see that market really take off."

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