Maker and designer marketplace to join with indie tech platform

Etsy acquires indie tech marketplace Grand St.

Etsy, the marketplace for makers and designers, has acquired indie tech marketplace Grand St.

Etsy, which features a UK outlet, allows home-made and custom goods to be sold by independent retailers and individuals.

Grand St. similarly allows hardware creators to offer their products directly to consumers.

Only American-based firms and products are currently featured on the website.

The platform, which supports pre-orders and early versions of products in a similar method to crowdfunding services such as Kickstarter, but without the time-limited necessity to raise a certain level of funds, includes many products that were originally produced on the back of crowdfunding support.

Unlike Etsy, Grand St.’s selection of products is curated, and the site often showcases upcoming and evolving products at a ‘beta’ stage of development.

Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson said that, following the acquisition, the Grand St. team – including co-founders Amanda Peyton, Joe Lallouz and Aaron Henshaw – will join Etsy but continue to operate the Grand St. marketplace “in the near term”.

“As we’ve seen here at Etsy, shoppers are increasingly interested in unique and innovative goods, especially when they know and can be involved in the story behind the product,” Dickerson commented.

“At the same time, it’s becoming easier than ever for independent makers and designers to bring ideas to market and find a global audience. Grand St. gets this – that’s why we’re such a good fit.

“Grand St. strives to enable small designers and maker teams to find a legitimate path to market, just as Etsy’s goal is to empower our sellers to start and grow their independent, creative businesses. We are so excited to continue making this progress together.”

PCR has reached out to Etsy and Grand St. to enquire about a possible expansion of the Grand St. marketplace to the UK following the deal.

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