Single channel retail is coming to an end, says ecommerce specialist

‘Multichannel boosts sales’

Ecommerce specialist Powa Technologies has warned that the days of owning either a shop or an online website – instead of both – could soon be a thing of the past.

“The advantages of multichannel retailing are so far-reaching that you would expect any retailer to want to leverage the benefits,” Dan Wagner, CEO of Powa Technologies, told PCR.

“Increased sales are often referred to as one of the pre-eminent drivers for a retailer adopting a multichannel strategy.

“By offering an increased number and variety of engagement points for the consumer to make a purchase, the retailer increases their opportunities of making a sale as the increased convenience and ease of sales usually results in the boosting of profit.”

Wagner pointed out that there are further benefits.

“Multichannel engagement points provide more opportunities for the gathering of consumer information,” he explained. “This enables the retailer to know their customers better, which ultimately aids them in their quest to offer a more customer-centric shopping experience.

“The key is to ensure that there is integration between channels, thus ensuring that the consumer’s journey between those channels is consistent and seamless.

“The days of having shops and online as two separate entities are coming to an end. Merging these together and offering a more holistic multichannel approach is the order of the day.”

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