Internet of Things vital for future of business, states EMEA VP and GM, promising ‘more and more announcements and developments’

Intel: ‘Being online isn’t enough for businesses to survive’

The VP and GM of Intel EMEA has said that businesses must embrace a complete upheaval of practices if they are to survive.

Speaking at Intel’s Solutions Summit (ISS) event in Copenhagen, Christian Morales added: “Just being on the internet is not enough.

“[Businesses] must evolve, as they won’t survive at their current slow pace.”

Morales explained that while maintaining an online presence was important, firms must also take note of newly developing technologies such as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) if they hope to keep up with the marketplace.

“We are in a new world of applications and big data,” he said.

“Our industry is not only changing, but the change is accelerating.”

He went on to cite Intel’s own ‘bold decision’ to move into the IoT market as an example of the way that the company was having to expand in order to address a changing marketplace.

“This is the new Intel,” he stated. “[This is] a big change in the company.”

Other technology that Morales claimed was becoming vital for businesses to embrace included ‘perceptual computing’ – such as motion tracking, speech recognition and biometrics, which he said are all aimed at increasing the ‘immersion’ felt by users and improving ‘customer experience’.

Morales repeated Intel’s dedication to developing technology, promising the appearance of “more and more announcements and more and more developments” in areas such as IoT.

“These changes are dramatic,” added Rod O’Shea, Intel EMEA regional director.

“These evolutions are everywhere.

“The Internet of Things is profound – you have to understand it.”

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