New ‘heartbleed’ bug has been found in software used by millions of web servers

Security Roundup: 500% increase in ransomware in 2013

This week’s roundup takes a look at the increase in ransomware, the new ‘heartbleed’ bug, and Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection.

In Symantec’s latest global internet security threat report, the firm has revealed that there was a 500 per cent increase in ransomware in 2013 – an aggressive scam that locks people’s computers, forcing them to pay a fee to have their device unlocked.

The report also found that the top eight data breaches resulted in tens of millions of data records lost – 2012 had only one breach that size.

Meanwhile, a new ‘heartbleed’ bug has been found in software used by millions of web servers, according to

The software, called OpenSSL, is supposed to protect sensitive data as it travels back and forth, but millions of web servers could have exposed anyone visiting sites to spying and eavesdropping.

In other security news, NSS Labs has ranked Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection among the top solutions for breached detection systems, earning a ‘Recommended’ rating.

"With the rapid innovation in the security market, especially with so many technologies claiming to address zero day and targeted attacks, it’s easy for security practitioners to be overwhelmed with options and inflated marketing claims," said Vikram Phatak, CEO of NSS Labs.

"Our Breach Detection Systems reports will provide these practitioners with objective, empirical data to make educated purchasing decisions based on real-world scenarios. Based on these reports, Advanced Malware Protection from Cisco should be on everyone’s short list."

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