Microsoft highlighted encouragement of developers to design apps specifically for safe driving behaviour

Microsoft ‘Windows in the Car’ in-car concept demonstrated

Microsoft has demonstrated a ‘Windows in the Car’ in-car operating system.

Showcasing the concept at the Build 2014 developer’s conference, the integrated system was shown to utilise a Windows 8-like Start Screen which displayed a variety of information, including current and upcoming speed limit information.

Other display options included navigation, now playing and communication – connectivity with a Windows Phone, handsfree voice calls and the ability to read text messages out loud were all shown to be possible.

Like Windows 8, Windows in the Car highlighted the presence of apps in a marketplace to add to the car’s system.

Music apps already shown to be built into the system included Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, Audible and Xbox Radio.

Microsoft added that it would specifically encourage developers to design apps specifically for safe driving behaviour.

The demonstration follows the recent announcement of Apple’s CarPlay system, which allows drivers to connect their iPhone to a compatible car to display utilities and media options as part of a dashboard display.

Some existing in-car systems are already built with Windows as a foundation, such as Ford’s Sync 2 system.

No release window for a consumer version of the Windows in the Car platform was revealed.

Take a look at a demonstration of the concept below:

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