A number of UK launches and a world exclusive will appear at the show

10 futuristic tech products to check out at Gadget Show Live 2014

This week Gadget Show Live will once again showcase the technology of tomorrow in a dedicated Future Tech Project area.

There will be a number of UK launches at the show and even a world exclusive from Wikipad.

“This year’s Future Tech Project is characterised by some great designs – products that will make our lives easier and enhance the way we work and play,” commented Gadget Show Live event director Sally Bent.

Here are the top ten tech products of the future worth checking out at this year’s Gadget Show Live:

Wikipad will be showcasing a prototype of the gamevice, which allows two halves of a controller to be attached to the sides of a tablet. This will be a world exclusive.

Bike HUD
The bikes area has proved very popular with attendees at previous shows. This year, the UK launch of the Bike HUD by Bike System will let visitors try out the first head-up display available for motorcyclists.

Another UK launch, the OneWheel by Future Motion claims to be the world’s first self-balancing, electric skateboard.

gTar and Sequence app
Also on show for the first time in the UK, the gTar is in interactive guitar using LEDs to show users how to play songs. Sequence is a new app for the device, which lets users compose music.

This tiny wireless activity monitor attaches to any dog collar and collects activity data throughout the day. This will be the first time UK consumers have had the chance to check out the device.

Rethink Robotics will be launching Double, a robot specifically for use as a telecommuting tool.

Mogees consists of a mobile app and a small sensor that detects and analyses that vibrations that a user makes when they interact with objects around them. It then alters their acoustic properties to make them musical.

3D printing has been talked about a lot of the past 6 months. Now Solid Idea is showcasing what it says is the world’s first affordable personalised chocolate 3D printer that enables you to print out ready-to-eat chocolate in 10 minutes.

CUER’s newest prototype, Resolution, is the world’s most efficient terrestrial photovoltaic (solar cell) system combined with a tracking system that follows the sun in its trajectory. The car is built out of carbon fibre composites and includes an additional solar concentrator system developed specifically for the vehicle.

NFC Ring
The NFC Ring is a wearable tech device that can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones, transfer information and link people without the need for charging.

Gadget Show Live 2014 takes place from April 9th to 13th at the NEC in Birmingham.

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