Sales of Windows 7 PCs to end in October, leaving 8 as only Microsoft OS

Retailers divided over Windows 8 price cut

Resellers are unsure whether a drop in Windows 8 license fees would boost demand for the OS.

Rumours suggest that fees could fall from £30 to £9 for devices priced under £150. The reduction could be reflected in the price of Windows 8 devices, with Microsoft said to be eyeing the cost of Chromebooks.

Sales of computers pre-installed with Windows 7 are due to end in October 2014.

Mike Hoffman, director of Drum Brae Solutions, told PCR that no price drop was needed.

“Windows is already a lot cheaper on small form factor tablets and that is all they need,” he explained. “We have installed Windows 8 on every machine since its launch and the response has been good.”

AML Midlands’ Anthony Lay agreed that the OS is cheap enough, and echoed Hoffman’s comments that the divisive tablet/desktop hybrid design was a boon.

“Windows 8 doesn’t need a price drop,” he stated.

“Users hate change, but once you see how the tablet, mobile and laptop [systems] all integrate together, we have even seen users contemplate leaving their Apple world.”

However, some retailers said that the lack of consistency in Windows’ design had begun to put off customers – and a price cut might draw them back in.

Don Edward Wijesuriya at Microrays added: “Microsoft do need to drop the price.

“Many people hate Windows 8’s user interface. It’s a good option to reduce the license fee.”

Microsoft was itself quiet on the matter.

“We have nothing to share [regarding the rumours],” a spokesperson told PCR.

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