We round up the latest tech products for the younger generation

PCR’s guide to kids’ tech and tablets

Children are increasingly becoming one of the more prosperous demographics for tech retailers, with a multitude of toys and tools available. Matthew Jarvis gets down with the latest products for the younger generation.

Kurio Motion (pictured)

Contact: KD UK

The Kurio Motion uses cameras to sense the user’s body and track movements to enable full control of games. Motion comes with ten exclusive apps, including the ‘Learn & Fun’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Spacecraft’ racing packs.

Specs: Supports seven, eight and 10-inch Kurio tablet models, includes ten apps including three app packs.

SRP: £99

Kensington SafeGrip Carry Case and Stand

Distributors: Exertis Micro-P, Tech Data

The Kensington SafeGrip wraps an iPad Air in a padded case complete with screen protection. It has a thick handle designed for kids’ hands,which can be folded to prop the tablet up, a stylus holder and a pocket.

Specs: Padded case, screen protector, thick kid-friendly handle/stand.

SRP: £39.99

Spire Early Learning Wired Keyboard

Distributor: Spire Technology

The Spire Early Learning Keyboard is easy to handle and is designed for children aged three to eight. Its bright colours help kids to memorise numbers and letters, which will help as they begin to learn to use normal computers.

Specs: Different key colours for letters, numbers and symbols, bigger easy-type keys, PC support, non-toxic plastic.

SRP: £17.50 (excl. VAT)

Kurio 10 tablet

Contact: KD UK, Meroncourt

The Kurio 10 is designed for the whole family, featuring Wi-Fi capability and support for Flash 11. The tablet uses a 3D graphics engine with a fast processor to provide the ability for children to play and learn.

Specs: 10-inch screen, Cortex A8 CPU, Mali-400 GPU, Android 4.0.3, Wi-Fi, Flash 11.1 support, 4GB storage capacity.

SRP: £199.99

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

Contact: LeapFrog

The Ultra includes a seven-inch touch screen, ‘kid safe’ Wi-Fi, peer to peer gaming and chat and two-megapixel front and rear cameras. 8GB of storage is built-in and includes a learning library of more than 500 games and apps.

Specs: Seven-inch screen, Wi-Fi, chat function, rechargeable battery, front and rear-facing cameras, 8GB storage.

SRP: £199.99

Sparkup the Magical Book Reader

Contact: Vivid

Sparkup the Magical Book Reader is a device that clips onto any picture book and allows a parent or guardian to record the book in any language so the book can be read aloud to a child from that point onwards.

Specs: 250-minute audio capacity, PC transfer, audiobook support, requires three AA batteries (included).

SRP: £49.99

Kurio Phone

Contact: KD UK

The Kurio Phone is an Android smartphone designed for children and equipped with Google Play and the Kurio App Store to download apps. It also has full KurioGenius and IchaperTM Parental Controls for monitoring use.

Specs: Dual-core CPU, Android 4.2, four-inch screen, 4GB internal memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, front and rear cameras.

SRP: £99-£199

Gioteck RC-5 gaming chair

Contact: Gioteck

The RC-5 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC allows players to hear and feel their games, with an integrated 2.1 stereo sound system and vibration. The ergonomic bucket seat design moulds to the user’s body for extra comfort.

Specs: Ergonomic design, pedestal, 2.1 stereo sound system, foldable, built-in rumble feedback, integrated subwoofer.

SRP: £149.99

LeapFrog LeapReader

Contact: LeapFrog

The LeapReader is a solution designed to help children learn to read and write. The device offers three literacy experiences – Learning to Read, Learning to Write and Learning Through Listening. Over 100 learning experiences are available.

Specs: Three modes, supports LeapReader and Tag books, USB rechargeable battery, 256MB capacity.

SRP: £39.99

Smart Car Robotics

Contact: Thames and Kosmos Europe Ltd

Kids can construct the Smart Car and then use their tablet or smartphone to control and steer it. Using the free app, kids can script a simple program that instructs the car to follow a predetermined course. They can also build a virtual city by spreading the included AR code cards out across the floor and pointing their tablet’s camera at them.

Specs: 64-page manual, over 200 pieces, eight possible models, AR cards for virtual city building, iOS connectivity.

SRP: £94.99

BeeWi Stingbee BBZ352 Bluetooth Helicopter (pictured, right)

Distributor: Entatech

The Bluetooth Interactive Helicopter can be controlled directly from your iPhone or iPad using the BeeWi HeliPad 2.0 app. It works as a regular RC Helicopter with throttle, left/right and forward/backward directions. The application provided allows for both touch screen and motion control.

Specs: 10m range, Bluetooth 3.0, includes infrared target, four-hour recharge time, eight minute run time.

SRP: £59.99

Gioteck RC-1 beanbag chair

Contact: Gioteck

The RC-1 beanbag chair lets players listen to audio through its integrated 2.0 stereo sound system for a more immersive gaming experience. The chair supports Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, as well as media players and TVs for music or movies. The RC-1 is constructed from lightweight materials, stuffed with beanbag padding and includes a handle for portability.

Specs: Multi-platform support, audio controls, 2.0 stereo sound system, easy-access carrying handle.

SRP: £49.99–£59.99

Lenco seven-inch CoolTab-72 tablet

Distributor: Exertis Micro-P

This seven-inch tablet is covered in a brightly coloured silicon cover for protection and comfortable grip. The tablet comes with Android 4.2, 4GB internal memory and the pre-installed Kido’z app, providing access to secured content. The CoolTab-72 has a friendly user interface designed for both young and old.

Specs: Blue, grey, pink or lime, seven-inch display, Android 4.2, 4GB internal memory, Kido’z app.

SRP: £99.99

Yarvik TAB08-150 eight-inch Junior Tablet

Distributor: Target Components

The Android Jelly Bean powered eight-inch Junior Tablet from Yarvik features a A9 1GHz Cortex processor, 1GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and a capacitive touchscreen. The tablet comes with parental controls and is pre-installed with games and educational software. Thanks to its reinforced and rugged design, the Junior Tablet will withstand knocks.

Specs: Eight-inch display, A9 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, rubberised grip design, 150mbps Wi-Fi, preinstalled software.

SRP: £120.99

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Portable DVD Player

Distributor: Meroncourt

Branded with the popular children’s animated TV show, the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Portable DVD Player supports movies in the AVI format, images in the JPG format and playback of MP3 audio files. The seven-inch screen can swivel around by 180 degrees and the DVD?player includes a protective bag.

Specs: Seven-inch LCD 16:9 screen, AVI, JPG and MP3 playback, lithium battery.

SRP: £119.99

Nabi 2 8GB seven-inch tablet

Distributor: Exertis Micro-P

The Nabi 2 is designed for kids and protects both itself with rubber bumpers and children with integrated parental controls. The Nabi 2 includes its own integrated learning system and lets children create their own profiles.

Specs: App Zone 2.0 app, Android 4.0, 8GB storage, seven-inch display, two-megapixel front camera.

SRP: £149.99

BeeWi Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

Distributor: Entatech

The BBS305 is a wireless speaker allowing both music streaming and hands-free communication. It includes a microphone and a pair of speakers with a digital sound processor. The speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices.

Specs: Wireless streaming, two 2.5W speakers, microphone, CVC DSP, 3.5mm auxiliary jack, 25-hour battery life.

SRP: £49.99

BeeWi Mini Cooper S Bluetooth Car

Distributor: Entatech

This RC Car can be controlled directly from your iOS device using the BeeWi Control Pad app. The car works as a regular RC car with forward/backward direction and left/right steering. The app allows for both touch and motion control.

Specs: Requires three AAA batteries, battery life of 180 minutes, 10m range, 1:20 model scale, Bluetooth 2.1.

SRP: £39.99

Star Wars R2-D2 Passive USB Hub

Distributor: Meroncourt

Modelled on the iconic Star Wars robot, the R2-D2 USB hub makes authentic sound effects each time a USB device is plugged in. You can turn the sound on or off by using the switch located underneath the hub.

Specs: Four USB ports, authentic sound effects, compatible with Mac and PC.

SRP: £29.99

Lexibook Junior Power Touch Tablet (pictured, right)

Distributor: DirekTek

The Junior Power Touch is a seven-inch tablet with 4GB of storage capacity and Wi-Fi. Running on Android 4.1, it includes parental controls, a platform with over 10,000 apps and a direct link to the Lexibook Video Store.

Specs: Seven-inch display, Android 4.1, 4GB storage capacity, parental controls, app platform.

SRP: £73.70

Revell Control Nano Quad

Contact: Revell

The Nano Quad is a 4.5cm remote control quadrocopter designed for beginner pilots and indoor flying due to an integrated gyro which stabilises the vehicle. The Quad recharges via USB and includes an LED to make it easy to see.

Specs: Integrated gyroscope for flight stabilisation, 11.5g, 4GHz transmitter, LED for low-light flying.

SRP: £34.99


Contact: Spin Master

Zoomer can learn tricks and react to commands and actions such as being scratched on the belly. Zoomer can understand voice commands given in English, Spanish and French, and can learn many different actions.

Specs: Recharges via USB cable (included), battery life of approx. 20 to 30 minutes from full charge.

SRP: £74.99

My Friend Cayla

Contact: Vivid

Powered by Google’s text-to-speech tech, Cayla enables children to access information from the internet or can be played with using a free app. Cayla is protected by Google SafeSearch which blocks unsuitable feedback and words.

Specs: Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, supports iOS and Android, 18 inches tall.

SRP: £59.99

Veho SAEM S7 case with built-in memory

Distributors: Westcoast, Exertis Micro-P, Target Components

The SAEM iPhone cases provide protection while including an integrated 8GB memory stick – suitable for students to carry their work around with. The case is finished with a rubber touch and the stick slides into the side.

Specs: Available for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S models, includes 8GB memory stick, three different colours available.

SRP: £34.95


DirekTek – 01494 471 100
Gioteck – 01462 472 380
KD UK – 01727 827 194
LeapFrog – 01895 202 840
Meroncourt – 01462 680 060
Revell – 01442 890 285
Spin Master – 01628 535 000
Spire Technology – 01202 828 444
Target Components – 01977 739 300
Tech Data – 0871 880 3000
Thames and Kosmos – 01580 212 000
Vivid – 01483 449944
Westcoast – 0118 912 6000

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