Novena designed as Raspberry Pi-like platform for designing and building open-source notebook

Novena is a DIY open-source laptop

A build-it-yourself open-source laptop has launched.

The Novena is designed as a Raspberry Pi-like platform, which hackers and enthusiasts can use to design and build their own open-source notebook device.

Created by Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang, the hacker who cracked the original Xbox games console, the project is designed to be flexible and powerful.

The hardware, which is available in ‘just the board’, all-in-one desktop and laptop editions through the Novena’s crowdfunding campaign, is powered by a 1.2GHz Freescale quad-core ARM-based processor.

Owners will be able to build their own hardware into the machine, and create their own operating system from the floor up.

The standalone Novena board costs $500 (£300) and includes 4GB of RAM, 4GB of microSD storage capacity and Wi-Fi connectivity. The board can connect to external monitors via HDMI.

The all-in-one desktop and laptop offerings of the device include a Full HD LCD screen, which is built into a case alongside the board. The laptop edition adds a battery and 240GB SSD drive. The desktop and laptop editions cost $1,195 (£718) and $1,995 (£1,199) respectively.

A ‘Heirloom’ edition of the DIY laptop is also available, costing $5,000 (£3,000). The board, battery, SSD and screen are embedded in a hand-made wood and aluminium case.

For full specs of the Novena laptop, check out the project’s Crowd Supply campaign.

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