Synaxon UK MD: ‘CompTIA is doing a good job but could do more’

Government proposals ‘not enough’ to protect channel

Plans to give UK shoppers greater consumer protection are not what the channel needs, dealer services group Synaxon has said.

The Government has outlined proposals for an ‘alternative dispute resolution’ (ADR) scheme to help UK consumers resolve a complaint without the cost or hassle of going to court.

The aim is to give shoppers greater redress should a purchase go astray.

But Derek Jones, UK MD of Synaxon, is unsure the initiative is the answer to removing unscrupulous firms from the industry.

“If distributors, vendors and major service providers recognised that resellers have been checked by their trade body and found to be honest, legitimate trading companies we would have a much stronger channel,” he told PCR.

“I firmly believe that CompTIA has the background, resource and ability to deliver what is in my opinion required within the UK IT channel. [However,] I would like to see it go a little further in weeding out damaging businesses,” he added.

Mark Williams, Pensar CEO and Chair of CompTIA’s UK Channel Community, commented: “CompTIA ensures the ongoing development and protection of those in the IT industry, but our commitment goes beyond our members and extends to the customers they serve.”

Consumer Minister Jenny Willott said: “Consumers need to be confident that when a purchase goes wrong, the problem will be resolved quickly and easily. ADR is a faster, cheaper and more straightforward means of putting it right.”

Retail expert Clare Rayner added: “I don’t think there should be anything to worry about. What is important is that independent retailers are aware of the difference between consumer rights, which are covered within the Sale of Goods Act, and what is merely goodwill policy.”

Brigantia’s divisional director Iain Shaw suggested dealer services and trade organisations converse more about channel issues.

“CompTIA could facilitate such a forum given we have 2,000 members between us, all of which may benefit from CompTIA membership.”

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