Beta key giveaway deals with Alienware already showing promise for MMO

WildStar dev to consider accessories deals ‘when the demand is there’

Deals for WildStar-branded accessories with vendors will be considered once consumer demand is high enough, the game’s developer has told PCR.

Asked whether the new MMO from first time developer Carbine Studios would follow the example set by games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Star Wars: The Old Republic in releasing products such as branded gaming mice, keyboards, headsets and mouse mats for fans, executive producer Jeremy Gaffney said: “We’re a game growing from zero.

"We’re a brand new IP – nobody had heard of us before we started this shindig. We’re a brand new developer – we don’t get the cred of all that stuff.”

Gaffney explained that while deals with vendors regarding accessories would require a proven fan base following the game’s release, existing deals surrounding WildStar’s pre-release beta are already beginning to build a strong fan following.

“The main thing we’ve done to date is that we’ve worked with groups like Alienware and done key giveaways,” he said.

“We partnered with folks like Alienware to take a couple hundred thousand keys for the beta and go distribute them so that we can work with them – they can draw people to their site who are fans of us and we can draw fans of theirs into our game and it’s a nice synergy along that front.

“Over time we’ve grown up so that about a million and a half people signed up for the beta.

“Things grew a little faster than we intended, before marketing, before we did any of that stuff, so there was a large amount of people clamouring to get into the beta.

“I don’t know that we’ll come out the front gate with any WildStar-branded hardware and that sort of stuff, because I think fans need to demand it,” he continued.

“[But] once we’re out there, if we’ve earned the right to a big fan base, then that attracts [accessory deals] more than anything else.

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