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Sony unveils ‘Digital Paper’ device

Sony has revealed a 13.3-inch ‘Digital Paper’ device that combines the functionality of a tablet computer and the feel of normal paper.

The flexible A4 gadget has an E Ink display, weighs 12.6 oz and has a resolution of 1,200×1,600, with a 16-level greyscale display. It has touch controls, stylus input but no backlight, reports Engadget

The main difference between a standard tablet, other than how it feels, is the fact that a user can rest their arm on the device and write as they would on normal paper, without their hand interfering with the screen and accidentally loading or closing applications.

It has 4GB of memory and can also access files using a WiFi connection, plus there’s an SD card slot.

The Digital Paper tablet will launch in May in the US priced at $1,100, and will be presented at the American Bar Association Tech Show in Chicago. 

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