David Cameron also announced plans to invest £73 million into home automation and smart appliances at CeBIT

Resellers unconvinced by Government 5G plans

PC retailers and resellers have criticised Government plans to bring 5G to the UK.

Speaking at CeBIT in March, Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to make the UK “the most digital nation in the G8”, outlining plans to implement 1Gbps 5G mobile networking.

Some retailers were optimistic about the drive to develop faster technology, but others said the plans are a little too hasty, as 4G speeds are yet to become universal across Britain.

Anthony Lay of AML Midlands said: “4G speeds are pushing 95Mbps in Sweden – so why do we need to go faster?”

Matthew James at Eastgate Computers commented: “It would be nice just to see 4G fully launched in all areas before we start looking that much further ahead.”

“It’s lip service and over-promising again,” Hedley Corcoran, sales director at Midland Computers, added.

“I’m still waiting for FTTC.”

“[Widespread] broadband would be a good start,” summarised Mike Hoffman, director of Drum Brae Solutions.

“We have clients who struggle to get more than 0.5Mbps.”

Cameron also outlined plans to invest a further £45 million into the ‘Internet of Things’, covering technology such as home automation and smart appliances, bringing government investment in the area to £73 million.

“Investment in the infrastructure is the key to the future of the internet,” commented Vladimir Kuznetsov of system builder DinoPC.

“As cloud computing becomes more prevalent the future will see a rise in bandwidth-hungry services.

“The ‘Internet of Things’ will bring about a lot of economic benefit, as a raft of next-generation appliances and devices come into the market.

“Overall it will make our lives easier and once the market grows we will see an economic benefit far greater than the initial investment.”

However, Lay described the £73 million as a ‘waste of money’.

Cameron said: “Four years ago, we put in place a long-term economic plan to turn our country around – and innovation is right at the heart of that plan.

“It is our ambition to make the UK the most digital nation in the G8 and it is my mission to show the world that we’re getting there.”

See our complete roundtable discussion with retailers concerning the Government plans here.

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