“This decision is a great victory for all consumers,” says Richard Durkin

Man wins 16-year battle over laptop with PC World and HSBC

A man has won £8,000 in damages over a 16-year dispute over a laptop, which he bought from an Aberdeen branch of PC World.

In 1998, Richard Durkin, handed over £50 and signed a credit agreement with HFC Bank (now part of HSBC). He was told by a sales assistant that he could return the laptop if there was a problem.

Once Durkin took the laptop home he realised that it did not have a built-in modem and tried to return it.

He was eventually paid back the £50 but HFC said he was still required to make payments for the £1,499 laptop. Durkin claimed that HFC ruined his credit rating.

In 1999, Durkin took the case to court and initially won, but it was overturned.

Today, the Supreme Court in Central London has allowed his appeal and ruled he should receive £8,000 in damages.

“This decision is a great victory for all consumers and I am proud to have been the driving force behind it,” said Durkin in a statement.

“As a result of the decision, no consumer will have to endure again what I had to put up with – the loss of the ability to buy a family home because of wrongful blacklisting of me.”

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