Brother UK's head of EOS Malcolm Drake on the benefits for resellers and consumers

BLOG: Why use original ink and toner?

Malcolm Drake, head of EOS at Brother UK, talks about the benefits of using original inks and toners, as Brother launches a campaign to promote the benefits to resellers and end users.

As businesses attempt to keep costs down, they continue to look for reliable printers that offer value for money. When your customer invests in a printer, they expect the best results possible.

Yet by using cheaper compatible inks and toners, they sometimes get sub-quality print outs and could even be causing lasting damage to their printers, costing much more in the long run. 

Original consumables are designed to work with manufacturers’ printers, guaranteeing performance. They undergo rigorous testing for optimum print quality. 

We’ve recently launched a campaign, titled ‘The Incompatibles’, to highlight the potential problems caused by using non-original inks and toners. The new campaign features a range of characters, including ‘The Blur’ and ‘The Destructor’ to illustrate the types of problems end users can run into if they continue to use non-original inks and toners.

Brother Original Supplies use an advanced colour matching process to produce images that are true to life. They’re also specifically formulated to limit the risk of smudges and smears and the cartridges use the latest colour management technology to make sure the print doesn’t lose colour over time. In addition, they guarantee a consistent yield so your customers benefit from good value for money. 

In addition, by using originals, there’s no risk of an impact on printer warranty. If hardware faults can be attributed to using compatibles, it could result in people being charged for the repairs.

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