New card comes with 16GB GDDR5 and 5 TFlops of Single-Precision performance

AMD unveils FirePro W9100 professional graphics card

AMD has unleashed its latest flagship FirePro graphics card, the W9100.

The next generation Hawaii GPU-based professional graphics card features over 5 TFlops of Single-Precision and 2.67 TFlops of Double-Precision performance. It also comes with 16GB GDDR5.

It’s also the first graphics card to standardise 4K resolution for server and professional markets.

During the unveiling AMD said it ‘wants to enabling creators to have no limits’ and the firm need to work with software vendors to ‘let users benefit from this incredible hardware’.

At the moment there’s no word on launch price or clockspeeds, however, prices for other cards in the range have be revealed, with the W9000 launching with a $3,999 price tag.

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