Full list of speakers and panel sessions now live, dealers get in free to Wednesday May 21st event

PCR Boot Camp 2014: Check out the conference lineup

With PCR Boot Camp less than two months away, you can now check out the full schedule for the morning conference, featuring an array of industry experts and veterans discussing the key issues facing the UK PC and tech sector.

The event – taking place on Wednesday May 21st at the Brewery, London – is free to attend for retailers and resellers – to secure your place register here today.

If you’re interested in exhibiting at Boot Camp, contact pcr-online-staff@transfer.pcr-online.biz or carole.eagles@intentmedia.co.uk.

PCR Boot Camp 2014 Conference Schedule

10.30am – Introduction/Welcome

10.45am – Diversify or die – the new product sectors you need to know about
Carl West from analyst GfK gives a detailed look at the new product categories that are going to be increasingly important to PC and tech stores in the coming years

11.05am – How to Beat Apple on Service
As well as its fancy products, easy to use software, and eerily minimalist stores, Apple is much celebrated for the service it offers to customers. How can independent dealers match the US giant in this area?

11.20am – How to sell to the subconscious
Frank Deer is a Harley Street hypnotist, sales trainer, creative marketeer and highly successful businessman passionate about what he refers to as the ‘subconscious aspects of business.’ He has empowered sales staff to increase sales conversions to consistent levels, achieving figures as high as 9 out of 10 – through some unexpected methods.

11.40am – The future of the in-store technology
Nick Donaldson from Avnet looks forward at where in-store technology is going and how it will transform shopping experiences

11.55am – It’s the economy, stupid
A panel of industry experts examine the economic landscape and how it is likely to effect PC and tech dealers in the coming year – are we out of the woods, or still in the danger zone?

12.15 – Why you need to worry about Dixons again
Himanshu Pal, director at Kantar Retail, will discuss the successes, initiatives, and strategies Dixons has put in place in the last year, and why independent retailers and resellers need to take note.

12.35 – Back to the future – lessons from the last 30 years of the UK IT industry
Rafi Razzak, founder and chairman of distributor Centerprise, has been in the industry over 30 years. He will look at the state of the UK IT trade past and present, and how the industry could grow and dealers can make more money. Razzak has led Centerprise to become one of the biggest IT services providers in the UK, with its success apparent in its place as the longest-standing provider to the Ministry of Defence.

12.55 – Closing remarks
Come along and see us on Wednesday May 21st – it might change how you look at your business.

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