We chat to PrimoIT's MD about the firm's plans for 2014 and beyond

Synaxon Member Profile: PrimoIT

MD of education and corporate IT specialist Mick Sloan talks about supplying 95% of the UK’s universities…

What products and services do you offer?
Our core business is the supply of IT products to the education and corporate markets. We are an approved supplier to the higher education arena.

We have an ever-growing database of clients in our USB Own Logo department. On a local level, we have a small retail outlet where we supply IT products, services and repairs. Our website has over 50,000 products available.

Who are your clients?
We have a very diverse range of clients. In the education arena we supply approximately 95 per cent of the UK’s universities along with hundreds of schools and colleges. We have corporate clients with staff numbering from one to 10 to over 25,000.

How has business been over the past 12 months?
Business has been steady for the past year. In the current climate, making a profit is all that can be asked. We have a very loyal client base and I fully expect that when the purse strings are loosened, business will grow nicely.

What do you have planned for 2014?
We’ve launched a new website, offering consumers a select range of headphones, speakers and iPhone/iPad cases. We will also be re-launching our USB Own Logo website. We supply on average 20 to 25,000 branded USBs per month at present and our aim for the next year is to double that.

What’s the best thing about what you do?
One of the best things about being in this industry is that every day’s different.There’s always something new which opens up new opportunities. There’s also nothing better than the rapport that can be built up with a client. I’ve made good friends over the years in this industry – with hopefully more to come.

How does being a Synaxon member benefit your business?
Their supplier system is second to none. It enables us to have real-time stock availability and pricing at our fingertips.They’re always available to answer any questions and continually bring new things to the table.


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