Plus, gloves that let you 'control music' seek funding on Kickstarter

World’s first digital golf glove launches

A new ‘advanced’ version of SensoGlove, the ‘world’s first digital golf glove’, has launched in time for Father’s Day.

The piece of wearable tech a small sweat-proof 1.2-inch LED digital monitor that analyses the pressure of a swing using sensors placed throughout the glove. 

The glove also warns the user if they have exceeded their target level of grip pressure, and which fingers are gripping the club too tightly. 

It aims to help golfers how to correctly hold a club and improve their game, from backswing, downswing, impact, follow-through, to driving, putting and chipping.

It’s available for men and women in right or left-hand versions, with sizes small to extra large. It’s priced at $89 in the US.

The news comes as musician Imogen Heap seeks funding on Kickstarter to launch the Mi.Mu glove which allows users to ‘control sounds’ with their hands, by performing certain actions to alter volume, reverb and more wirelessly.

A statement on the Kickstarter page reads: "Most of us on our small team are musicians who are tired of being stuck behind computer screens, keyboards, faders, knobs, and buttons to make our music. We feel there could be a better way that is more like the experiences we have with traditional instruments: using the dexterity and mobility of the human body. 

"Imagine, for example, that instead of turning up a fader in order to bring in a sound or add reverb, you could be raising your arms to achieve the same effect. Or to move a sound around the room, you could simply point where you want it to be. Not only is this much more intuitive, it is also more enjoyable to watch, making it easier for your audience to connect with what you’re doing.

"Our aim is to break down the barriers between musicians and machines, and between performers and audiences."

What’s next – mittens with temperature sensors?

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