iOS app described as ‘incognito mode for real life’

‘Anti-social’ network Cloak helps you avoid people

A new iOS app is offering users the ability to avoid social confrontations.

Cloak advertises itself as an ‘incognito mode for real life’, referencing the Google Chrome mode which allows users to browse the web without recording a history or leaving any details behind.

The free app gathers location data of the user’s friends using Foursquare and Instagram (Twitter is said to be too inaccurate by the creators, and Facebook support is in the works), and plots their whereabouts on a map so that they can be avoided.

“Think of it as the antisocial network,” the app’s description states.

“Avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat – anyone you’d rather not run into.”

Cloak is available now.

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