PCR headed down to one of the GAMETronics stores to see what all the fuss was about

BLOG: Tech trade-in tiffs

When game unveiled its two new redeveloped GAMEtronics stores, consumers appeared to be split on whether this was a wise move or not.

Some were intrigued by the firm offering to buy and sell pre-owned tech products and games, while others questioned how such a store can compete with the likes of the already well established CeX.

Well, PCR was in the ‘intrigued’ camp and decided to head along to one of the GAMEtronics stores to see what all the fuss was about.

At first it appeared to be a pretty normal looking GAME store, with rows of neat racks and shelves. After looking a little closer – along with the expected games, DVDs and Blu-rays – MacBooks, laptops, smartphones, Kindles, an awful lot of Xbox Ones and even a Megadrive filled the shelf space.

And one major thing that stood out to us was that the place was absolutely buzzing. It was jam packed with people browsing, chatting to staff and bringing in products.

While CeX founder Robert Dudani said that ‘GAME seems to be copying us virtually identically’, can’t that be said for any coffee shop that opens up in the same town as another coffee shop?

This little bit of healthy competition will be good for both High Street retailers, with CeX having already revealed that it is considering stocking new tech products to keep up with GAMEtronics.

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