"Tier one vendors have struggled to bring new tech to market quickly; this will change that"

YOYOTech appoints Ebuyer.com as official reseller

YOYOTech, the high-performance computer division of Centerprise, has today announced a new partnership by appointing Ebuyer.com as an official reseller.

The PC brand says that demand for powerful PCs continues to grow, with 4K gaming, 4K video and cryptocurrency set to increase in prominence.

"As game resolutions increase, there is pressure on system builders to include ever more powerful graphic cards," YOYOTech said in a statement. "Plus, editing next-gen content for broadcast takes a substantial amount of power and storage, neither of which are readily available from existing retail brands.

"And as the world moves toward new monetary systems, the demand for high end systems is enormous."

YOYOTech’s Managing Director, CK, added: "This promises to be a fantastic partnership for both companies, with eBuyer’s vast customer base and reputation for logistics and service, alongside YOYOTech’s reputation for creating cutting edge systems ahead of the competition”.

"Historically, so called ‘tier one vendors’ have struggled to bring new technologies to market quickly. Our partnership with eBuyer will change that forever.

"Not only will we be able to deliver the very latest technologies to eBuyer’s customers, but we will be able to do so in great volume, because all of these systems will be built at Centerprise’s enormous manufacturing facility in Wales, where sustained daily rates of more than 500 units are possible." 

You can view the full range on Ebuyer.com here.

YOYOTech launched its range of PCs late last year.

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