Wrist-mounted device can be detached and used as a clip-on headset

‘HeadWatch’ concept is both a smartwatch and headset

A Portuguese firm is seeking $300,000 in funding for a device which combines a smartwatch and headset.

“A technology mutation has created a completely new way of interaction between the human being and smartphone,” explains the Indiegogo campaign for the ‘HeadWatch’.

“HeadWatch combines headset and smartwatch, so you will get all the notifications and interactions of a smartwatch with the great advantage to pull out the headset and fit on your ear.”

The HeadWatch comprises a small rectangular screen, which can slid out of a wristwatch-like strap and worn on an ear using the screen’s back-mounted clip.

The button-less device includes a range of features, including a luminosity sensor, temperature sensor, RGB strip lights and a 3D accelerometer, and is waterproof.

Bluetooth connectivity is used to pair the HeadWatch to a compatible iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone.

Early adopters can purchase the HeadWatch through the crowdfunding campaign for between $169 and $199, which an MSRP of $249 estimated when the device launches in March 2015.

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