Wearable device was previously due to arrive in Q1

Razer Nabu SmartBand delayed to Q2

The release date for the Razer Nabu SmartBand has been pushed back to Q2 this year.

The wearable device – announced during CES 2014 – delivers notifications from a smartphone to the user’s wrist and tracks personal information. It was previously scheduled to launch worldwide in Q1 2014.

When asked if the Nabu had been delayed, a Razer spokesperson told PCR: "I am yet to receive a definitive date, however have been told that the plan is for sometime around Q2."

Distributor VIP Computers confirmed last week that it will exclusively supply the Nabu in the UK.

It revealed that the SmartBand will arrive in ‘mid-2014’, and said interest generated around the product is ‘frightening’.

The Razer Nabu has two OLED notification screens – one is located on the top of the wrist and notifies users of incoming calls, texts, emails and app updates via icons, while the screen located on the inside of the wrist provides detailed information of texts, emails, bio data and other updates that can only be viewed by the user.

The Nabu also tracks a user’s sleep data, distance walked and more to help understand and adjust their daily activity. 

Over 10,000 developers have signed up to create apps for the Nabu.

UPDATE (12.15pm March 11th):Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has posted a picture on Twitter hinting that Razer will make some kind of reveal tomorrow (March 12th):

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