iPhone and iPad software upgrade largely adds minor improvements

iOS 7.1 update adds CarPlay, Siri tweaks, bug fixes

The latest update for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices has been released.

iOS 7.1’s largest addition to the operating system is support for the recently announced CarPlay mode, which allows owners of compatible car models to control their iPhone via built-in dashboard controls.

The new software also provides several minor tweaks to iOS 7’s refreshed design, rounding previously square call buttons into circles. The power off and unlock sliders have also been redesigned.

Siri has also had minor improvements applied. The voice-activated assistant now stops listening when the user takes their finger off the home button (which serves as activation for the chatty robot), rather than cutting them off mid-sentence.

7.1’s other fixes include stopping iPhone 5S devices from forgetting users’ fingerprints, curing the so-called ‘white screen of death’ glitch and making minor convenience corrections to the camera and calendar apps.

The update is also said to speed up performance on the iPhone 4, which still doesn’t support all of iOS 7’s software and feature additions.

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