Super-fast cables to hit supercomputers and data centres later this year

Intel to release 800Gbps ‘mega cable’

Intel is to release a cable that can transfer up to 800Gbps.

The firm said that the ultra-fast cables would become available in the second half of 2014, aimed primarily at use in supercomputers and data centres.

The cables are based on Intel’s Silicon Photonics technology, which allows speeds of up to 25Gbps (25,000Mbps) to flow through each fibre.

The cables will contain the new ‘MXC’ connector, developed in partnership with Corning, comprised of up to 64 fibres (32 each for transmitting and receiving), meaning 800Gbps can be transferred in each direction – with up to a total of 1.6Tbps (1,600,000Mbps) running through the cable at any one time.

"MXC cable assemblies have been sampled by Corning to customers and will be in production in Q3 2014," said Intel of the technology.

"US Conec [has] announced that it will sell MXC connector parts to Corning and other connector companies."

In addition to the 64-fibre cables, customers will also be able to purchase connectors with 8, 16, or 32 fibres. Prices are yet to detailed.

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