UK government’s plan ‘insufficient and stunted’, says tech entrepreneur Anthony Rushton

‘David Cameron is disconnected from Britain’s global tech opportunity’

British technology entrepreneur Anthony Rushton has said that the UK government’s plan for the technology sector is "insufficient and stunted”.

Rushton, who co-created Emmy Award-winning online TV station WeDigTV and digital media forensics firm Telemetry, agreed with WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, who said that David Cameron has no solid strategy for technology and “lack[s] credible plans”.

“Unfortunately, Brit tech simply isn’t ‘Hollywood’ enough for Cameron’s government,” said Rushton.

“If it’s an American technology company in London they get the red carpet rolled out into No. 10.”

“Essentially, for Mr. Cameron, technology simply means CyberCrime, Internet Pornography and ‘tax adverse’ multi-nationals – one of which he [has made] a policy advisor to No. 10.”

The entrepreneur added that he believes there to be a lack of “effective political direction when it comes to supporting potential talent in the sector”.

“Government schemes backing tech start-ups are seen as an alternative to paying young people unemployment benefits,” he said.

“There’s no proper A&R style spotting of real tech talent in Britain [and] no provision to turbo boost start-ups with exponential growth potential.”

“Technology should be the main wicket that Britain now bats from," he stated.

“I’m not talking about apps that order cabs or pizzas and not social media platforms that merely repackage the sharing capacity which is the Internet and call it Facebook.”

Rushton said that Britain’s biggest opportunity would arrive from harnessing and promoting technology engineers.

"Technology engineering is what Britain is the world’s best at. After all, Britain invented the internet,” he explained.

“With better cost differentials and the cloud, Britain is finally on a level playing field once again in terms of dominating the technology engineering sector in terms of enterprise and the internet.”

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