UK and Australia tipped to get the Chromecast within weeks

Google Chromecast sells millions, coming to ‘many more countries’ this month

Google has sold millions of its Chromecast dongle, revealed SVP Sundar Pichai at SXSW.

The Chromecast, which sold out a day after it was first available for purchase, is a dongle that can stream videos, music, and photos from a number of devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

Pichai also said that the Chromecast will be available in “many more countries”.

The HDMI dongle was first released in July 2013, and is reported to arrive in the UK and Australia any moment.

While Pichai didn’t give exact release dates, he did say that it will launch in other markets over the next few weeks.

At the SXSW talk, Pichai also revealed that Google will release an Android SDK for wearable devices.

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