Intel’s Steve Power Brown and Cisco's Dave Evans will also deliver daily keynote addresses

‘World’s most connected man’ to present at Wearable Technology Conference

Delegates at London’s Wearable Technology Conference & Expo will hear from ‘the world’s most connected man’ Chris Dancy, who keeps metrics on himself for every moment of every day.

Dancy believes that keeping statistics makes him a better employee and that this is the future of everyone’s work.

Intel’s chief futurist and strategist Steve Power Brown and Cisco innovation guru Dave Evans will also deliver the daily keynote addresses at the show, which takes place from March 18th to 19th at London’s Olympia.

The event boasts more than 100 expert speakers, 30 exhibitors and a host of UK exclusive product launches, and is expected to attract 1,500 attendees. 

Speakers include the likes of Google, Misfit Wearables, Fitbit, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Virgin and Cisco. Sessions, workshops and demos will also cover markets this technology will impact including healthcare, sports and fitness, engineering, the military, AR and VR, gaming, fashion, travel, entertainment, telecoms and communication.

Jason Bradbury and Rachel Riley from The Gadget Show will also make an appearance as they pitch their own wearable tech inventions to the experts.

UK exclusive products include: 

· The Intelligent Headset – the world’s first headset with dynamic 3D audio, which has applications for gaming, music and also as an aid for the visually impaired

· Optinvent – these smart glasses won’t launch until April/May this year and will initially be available to industrial/professional markets and application developers, before going on sale to consumers

· ORSTO’s X3 smartwatch – British-made and hand built

· SunSprite from Goodlux – a health wearable invented by Harvard doctors that tracks a person’s sun and bright light exposure to improve their energy, mood and sleep

· Xensr – the first wireless, programmable motion capture solution that measures physical motion for sports, engineering, medicine and more

· Smartlife – a new base layer garment and associated electronics which report the wearer’s heart rate, location, speed, calorie burn and duration worn – ideal for athletes

Outside of the conference, delegates are invited to enjoy multiple networking opportunities, including the Wearable Technology Conference drinks and awards.

“Wearable tech is THE big news for 2014 and it’s only going to get bigger, with experts predicting it will be worth as much as $8.4 billion by 2018,” commented Wearable Technology Conference director John Weir.

“And it’s not surprising when you consider it has the potential to impact all of our lives, both professionally and personally, affecting everything from our health and wellbeing, to the way we see, hear, communicate and play with the world.

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