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Clever 'Spritz' can improve reading speed up to 1,000 words per minute

Tech that makes you read faster hits Samsung Gear 2 and S5, seeks other partners

Technology that lets you read much faster than usual is looking for smartwatch, smartphone and tablet vendors to partner with.

Spritz, text streaming technology that can be integrated onto mobile devices, wearables, apps, websites and more, is compatible with Samsung’s Gear 2 smartwatch and the S5 smartphone. It claims to improve reading speed up to a whopping 1,000 words per minute.

If (like us) you’re a little skeptical, you can try out the tech on the Spritz website and test out speeds from 250 words per minute to 600 words per minute. 

Spritz claims to work with emails, text messages, embedded media, closed captioning, digital books, smartwatches, mobile phones, e-readers and wearable head-mounted displays. It’s also working on getting it ready for social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, and says it could also be used for outdoor ads in the future.

It’s looking to partner with tech vendors, developers and other businesses to integrate Spritz into products in the future.

The firm says the tech could improve users’ regular reading speeds, and was designed to be simple and easy to learn immediately.

"Within 5 minutes, generally, you should be able to pick it up," said the company in a statement.

So how does it work? 

"Most people’s focal distance (the amount of horizontal distance on a page that people can see when reading) is right around 13 characters using standard font sizes," Spritz added.

"When your eye recognises a word longer than that, it naturally jumps to the right of those first 13 characters while processing the first part of the word as it jumps. In reality, a long word requires your eye to break it into multiple pieces and that is how your brain stores it.

"We analyse each word and break them up based on this standard and show you long words in multiple pieces, just like your brain is expecting them. It works really, really well."

Partners interested in Spritz can email partners@spritzinc.com

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