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“Commercial tablet growth will benefit Microsoft's Windows,” says IDC

Tablets to outsell PCs by 2015

According to the latest forecasts from IDC, tablets are set to outsell PCs worldwide by 2015.

With global PC shipments falling by 9.8 per cent in 2013, IDC predicts that they will continue to drop in 2014.

Whereas the total tablet market is forecast to grow 19.4 per cent in 2014.

As both of these trends continue into 2015, the data reveals that tablets will take over as the number one PC product around the globe.

“Much of the tablet growth in commercial to date has been in verticals such as education, but going forward IDC expects tablets to continue to infiltrate small, medium, and large businesses around the world,” reads IDC’s report.

“This commercial growth is likely to benefit Microsoft’s Windows over time.”

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