Switches claimed to be ‘world’s first mechanical switch designed for gaming’

Razer to release own-brand keyboard switches

Gaming accessories vendor Razer has announced its first own-brand keyboard switches.

The switches, claimed to be the ‘world’s first mechanical switch designed for gaming’, will be featured in the popular BlackWidow gaming keyboards, which were originally released in 2010.

The new switches will come in two forms – the Razer Green Switch, which has a “tactile and clicky” feel, with an actuation force of 50g, and the Razer Orange Switch, a “tactile yet silent” switch requiring a force of 45g.

Razer added in the announcement that the switches would be openly available to other gaming peripheral manufacturers.

Other features of the Razer switches include a lifespan of 60 million key strokes and a 0.4mm actuation point.

“Having used the BlackWidow as my default keyboard for all these years, and watching it evolve is truly amazing,” commented professional gamer Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng.

“Razer takes what is already the best and makes it even better. The new switches feel great and give me total control of each keystroke. This is unlike anything that I have experienced before.”

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