Chain reports strong appetite for trade-ins among consumers, but one distributor says it won’t beat indies

GAMEtronics pre-owned stores ‘won’t affect sales of new tech’

Retailer GAME is challenging CeX’s space on the High Street with its own second-hand tech stores, but the channel is confident they won’t affect sales of new goods.

The chain rebranded its Lincoln and Cambridge GAME stores in February to GAMEtronics.These boast a larger tech range including laptops, mobile phones, tablets,TVs,graphic cards, sound bars, cameras, sat navs and speakers.The focus is on second-hand goods and trade-ins – but the stores have a selection of new products too.

GAME stores director Dave Howard told PCR:“[GAME’s tablet and smartphone ranges] have proved very popular with our customers, and GAMEtronics has been designed to expand the tech range even further.

“We’ve seen a real appetite from our customers to be able to trade in their devices.

“We are ultimately enabling gamers to buy all the tech they need to get the best possible gaming experience.”
Panda Security marketing manager Neil Martin, along with several other channel execs PCR spoke to, isn’t afraid of the effect on sales of new tech.

“I don’t think the second-hand market adversely affects the sale of new goods. Rather, the increase in cashflow benefits all parties,” he said.

Paul Cubbage, MD of distributor Target Components, added: “GAME’s move makes sense for them – CeX are their closest genuine rival, but have clearly had the edge primarily because of second-hand games.

“In terms of refurbished and second-hand hardware, neither business will be anywhere near as good as the indies. From the indies’ point of view, it’s always a positive – and creates huge opportunities – when someone with the exposure and reach of GAME starts to promote a service that they can do far better.”

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