Every Friday, PCR rounds up the hottest crowdfunded tech to keep in mind for future retail opportunities.

FUTURE TECH FRIDAY: Musical fruit, magic fingers and more…

Every Friday, PCR rounds up the hottest crowdfunded tech to keep in mind for future retail opportunities.

Let’s take a look at this week’s selection of up-and-comers…


A combination of a mobile app and a sensor that picks up vibrations, Mogees turn any surface into a musical instrument.

The sensor picks up acoustic vibrations from surfaces, and can be set to either recreate existing songs or freestyle.

Examples shown by the creators include walls, balloons, human dance movements and even a bowl of fruit.

Ring: control devices with a wag of your finger

A mini piece of wearable tech, the Ring is described as being like a magic wand for your finger.

The device features ‘ultra-small’ finger gesture recognition, allowing users to write messages in the air, which are transmitted to a phone or other device. Notifications can likewise be sent back to the Ring, which can flash or buzz on reception.

The Ring can also be set up to control home automation devices – for example, flicking a finger could turn on lights or a TV.

AgIC Print: print circuit boards using any printer

Making it fast and easy to print circuit boards at home, AgIC transforms existing home printers into circuit board manufacturing equipment using conductive ink.

The ink can also be drawn onto standard paper using an additional conductive brush, which is said to be ideal for classrooms to teach students electronics, or to make unique business cards using LED lights and coin batteries.

Soap: home automation, network security and wireless router smart hub

The Soap Android-powered router is designed as an easy way for homes to keep control of everything on a wireless network, providing everything from parental controls and network security to the ability to create a hub for home automation devices.

The router is equipped with a seven-inch touchscreen, integrated Bluetooth and NFC, built-in virus protection and is said to work with all existing devices.

PIXEL V2: display bright pixel art

Designed for fans of retro pixel art, the PIXEL V2 is a square frame embedded with 1024 LED lights which can be used to display beautiful images and gifs.

The frame can be controlled from a smartphone or PC, and includes over 150 pre-installed artworks from 10 artists. Users can add their own art using an Android device, PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi.

PebbleBee: tracking on a budget

The Bluetooth-powered PebbleBee is an affordable tracking tag for people who can’t keep track of their things.

The small water-resistant disc can be set to buzz or spark via the free iOS and Android app to locate missing objects.

Example uses of the tags include to find lost remotes, monitor pets’ locations, secure valuables or even record skiing tricks.

The replacable battery in each tag lasts for roughly three years, and more advanced versions include temperature monitoring and motion tracking.

Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians: collectable toy memory sticks

Named after the Japanese term for ‘strange creature’, these diddly memory sticks combine the collectability of toys with the utility of USB memory sticks.

The guardians come with 8 or 16GB of storage capacity, and in a variety of four different monsters – with more planned.

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