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Patented technology uses augmented reality to make sections of fingers different keys

Samsung to make typing handy by using fingers as a keyboard

Samsung has patented an augmented reality keyboard that lets users type on their own hands.

The technology is rumoured to be part of the upcoming ‘Galaxy Glass’ wearable smartglasses from the firm, and uses the camera included in such a headset to project a keyboard onto the user’s fingers.

Finger movements are then tracked as users type on their own hands, using different sections of different fingers like the keys of a QWERTY keyboard.

A one-handed version, which splits four fingers into a mobile phone-like letterpad, with multiple letters on each section, was also detailed.

The thinking behind the use of hands as a keyboard is to avoid the “low recognition” and “poor” performance of voice regonition in noisy environments, Samsung’s patent states.

“There is a need for a novel input technology applicable to the wearable computer of electronic devices that can overcome the drawbacks associated with conventional input means,” it adds.

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