Digital games specialist also pondering move into software publishing

Green Man Gaming to launch two new websites in 2014

PC gaming download provider Green Man Gaming will launch two new etail websites this year, placing a greater emphasis on data integration.

The firm began selling physical gaming products in 2012, and CEO Paul Sulyok said that the firm would continue to unify both digital and physical gaming platforms via the Playfire social platform.

When questioned about the health of the market for physical products, Sulyok told PCR: “Whilst [physical goods are] not as prominent as they could be, they are there, and we’ve done a fairly good job of being able to integrate them [with our existing digital services]."

“At some undisclosed point in 2014 we’re going to be launching two new websites, and you will see that the ease of the interaction between the two [sites] will be far more.”

But Sulyok admitted that opening physical stores is not part of the plans.

“There is a requirement in the High Street, but right now we’re not geared up for that,” he commented.

“Our focus is ecommerce, online, digital – the world’s becoming increasingly digital and we are at the forefront of that.”

He added that a move into software publishing could also be on the cards.

“It’s certainly something we’d consider in 2014,” he said.

“We’re not necessarily going to negotiate multi-million pound deals to get [developers ’] products out there – it’s about us being good at what we do [and wanting] to help developers get their product to market. Not just on GMG – we’ll help them across the board.”

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