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Phone uses VoIP to place calls and VPN to browse the web

FreedomPop anti-spying ‘Snowden Phone’ accepts Bitcoin as payment

Wireless provider FreedomPop has unveiled a modified Samsung Galaxy S2 called the Privacy Phone, which offers 128-bit encryption for phone calls and text messages.

Dubbed the ‘Snowden Phone’, the device has the ability to remotely wipe data if the phone is lost. It also accepts Bitcoin as a payment option.

The anti-spying smartphone features anti-malware and phishing protection, optional blocking of unsolicited calls and text messages from unknown sources, and confidential use of call history and message logs.

VoIP is used to place phone calls and VPN is used for anonymous browsing, all making it more difficult to be monitored.

Being built from refurbished Galaxy S2 means the phone isn’t the most up-to-date in terms of specs, but FreedomPop offers three months of unlimited talk and text and three months of 500MB of data, after which the service will cost just $10 per month.

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