'Special One' to provide analytical commentary on various football topics, including the Brazilian World Cup

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho signs as Yahoo analyst

Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has scored a partnership with Yahoo as the website’s global football ambassador for 2014.

Mourinho – often referred to as the ‘Special One’ by fans in reference to an infamous speech following his appointment as manager – will provide online analytical commentary on various football topics throughout 2014, including the upcoming Brazilian FIFA World Cup, as well as posting photos and videos surrounding his day-to-day life.

“It is very prestigious and I want to connect myself at every area with prestige; so I was looking for prestige,” Mourinho said of the deal.

“At the same time if I want to communicate with people – and that is the objective, to share some of my ideas about football and especially about the World Cup – I want to share with many, many millions.”

“I don’t want to share with a few thousand that buy a normal newspaper or a couple of million who follow a certain TV channel. I share with many millions or I don’t share, so let’s share with many millions.”

“For sure some will disagree, for sure some will say how can this guy be a top manager, but for sure some will agree with me and for sure I think we can have some fun.”

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