Hugh Furness believes that looking at the bigger picture can help your firm innovate and grow…

BLOG: Think outside of the box to boost your business

Hugh Furness, European Sales Director at Wasp Barcode Technologies, believes that looking at the bigger picture can help your firm innovate and grow…

What is the key to running a successful business?

Simply having a good product that people want and need is not enough for the long term.

Over the years, I have seen many businesses collapse, due to the lack of any product development, or creative thinking to keep their product and business in the forefront of their competitors.

Businesses need to be willing to innovate in order to stay ahead of the game and to survive in this competitive world.

It’s the creativity, vision and innovation of others that has resulted in the technological world we live in today.

For example, look at the advancement of the barcode industry.

In 1974 the first barcode scanner was introduced and a packet of Wrigley’s chewing gum in Ohio was scanned.

Through modernisation, barcodes and barcode scanners have evolved and have taken the world by storm.

Today, barcodes are found on numerous items without a second thought to the consumer, such as product packaging, tickets, marketing incentives, coupons, equipment, and for identification purposes.

Throughout the years, the barcode has been re-invented, developed, and advanced to keep up with the times and ever changing environment.

Nowadays, many businesses rely heavily on the software that enables them to track and monitor vital aspects of their business including stock, assets, inventory control, point of sale transactions and even staff.

The result is a more efficient and productive business, as the automated software allows them to spend more time developing their own business, rather than on the mundane daily tasks of running a business. As we can see, innovative thinking has enabled the barcode industry to thrive and become a way of life that consumers and businesses depend on.

Today, more than five billion products are scanned globally each day. The barcode has now become a global language that is at the heart of most business in supply chain across all industry sectors.

Too often business owners don’t look at the bigger picture and therefore struggle to keep up with the latest innovations available to take their business to the next level.

Take a step back from your business and consider the challenges it faces from a different angle. Don’t be afraid to take a chance trying something new.

Hugh Furness is European Sales Director at Wasp Barcode Technologies.

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