MD Mike Chen confident of future growth on back of storage boom

Synology: ‘Every home will have a NAS in five years’

Networking specialist Synology says that every home will have a NAS storage product in as little as the next five years.

Speaking to PCR, Synology MD Mike Chen said he was “absolutely” certain that every home would feature wireless storage in the future.

“I’d say five to 10 years,” he replied, when asked for a prediction on when the technology would become ubiquitous.

“That will give us five to 10 years to really work on our products in a range with this kind of technology.”

He added that improved ease of use and consumer awareness would drive the popularity of NAS.

“If I give you a NAS it’s not just simply an external hard drive – you will still require a bit of computer background to know how to operate a NAS. It’s a server,” he explained.

“Once NAS is common, people will [begin to] know how it can benefit their life.”

The growth of the market is well underway, with Synology moving to a new 5,000 sq ft warehouse on the back of its 2013 success – four to five times the size of its last office.

“For the last three to four years we have averaged around 70 per cent of growth,” Chen said.

“This year, I’m confident and determined to aim for 50 per cent of growth."

“I want to continue to have healthy growth and continue to bring exciting features and products [to market]."

“Why stop [growing] now? [When] you’ve got the momentum, you just keep on going,” he added, highlighting a boom in the storage market as a foundation for NAS success.

“Demand for storage is out there,” he said. “What’s scary is it’s growing massively. Everything is turning digital. You’re going to need storage for that. That’s where we come in.”

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